Lead Conversion Process

Integrated Marketing Approach

  • Integrated Marketing Programs to Support Customer Qualification Process
  • Distribute Marketing Tools To Support Sales Process
  • Develop Triggered based Marketing Campaigns by Source
  • Move the prospect through the sales qualification process
  • Continuous Optimization Campaigns

Customer Status – Conversion Funnel

Conversion rates in eCommerce occur at every point in the sales funnel, and are tracked to allow customers step through the process.

Lead > Awareness > Consideration > Conversion > Loyalty > Advocacy

Using Customer Data

Data collection is available from a variety of sources:

Customer Centric Messaging

  • Preference Data
  • Registration Form
  • Preference Center
  • Survey/Polls

Behavior Data

  • Web Analytics
  • Online Transactions
  • Interaction and Engagements

Response Data

  • Email Analytics
  • RSS Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics

Offline Data

  • In-store Purchases
  • Incentive Redemntion
  • Sales Engagement
  • Customer Service Interaction

All this feeds a Customer Profile Database that allows for a multi=channel digital messaging engine. This allows you to deliver the best message at the best time using the best channel for each customer.

Customer Segmentation lead conversion squared review

Getting The Right Offer To The Right Person at The Right Time

    • Know the audience – “touch” fewer people, fewer times
      • Collect the clues in a data warehouse
      • Use the clues to make offers at the right time geared toward the individual’s need or interest


    • Provide more relevant offers
      • The difference is use of technology & analytics
      • Shows up as differences in conversion rates and customer satisfaction
      • HIGHER¬†Conversion rates: % of people who respond to the offer
      • HIGHER¬†Customer satisfaction: % of people happy with the company and its products


Touch point follow ups

Initiate worklfows to ensure customers and leads are nurtured to the desired outcomes (sales). Begin with a progression of passive to active engagement based on their interactions, including email and telemarketing campaigns, providing specific content that is targeted to their actual engagement and interests.

At each point, offer a clear option for the user to opt out of the process and remove them from the follow up queue.

The goal is to move the lead along the qualification process to allow sales to close the deal, focusoing on stronger, ready leads who are interested in purchasing.

When marketing takes more control of the lead conversion process, sales is able to focus on closing deals, rather than on selling to customers who are not interested or may not be your customers at all.


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